OFF THE TOP Extra 041711

Tom Ross & Curry discuss the events of the day and the Anniversary of OFF THE TOP

OTTR Snipe Tape: 041611

As OTTR celebrates its 13th Anniversary Joe Salzone checks in.

OTTR Snipe Tape: 041611 Kickin It With The Queen

Queen Nefertari and Rev Curry discuss love, relationships and OUR 13th ANNIVERSARY!

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Immediate Family

The OFF THE TOP Family (of Radio Shows and Websites) brings together a collection of some of Hip Hop’s greatest minds.


Friday nights at 6:30:

Its been said that to know the future you must understand the past.  Each week join us as we celebrate that rich heritage.  Songs that were sampled for Hip . . . → Read More: Immediate Family


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Tom Ross

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Mumia Abu-Jamal


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Rev Curry


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