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The Rundown
Hip Hop Name: DJ TR-One
Alias: The Lil Injun That Did.
Discipline: Turntablism (Speaking with his hands) & Graf (The Written Word)
Strengths: Critical Thought.
Weakness: The desire to smack stupid people.
Reps For: Anishinabe Nation & Rochester, NY
What olde skool record always puts a smile on your face? Men at Work – Kool G Rap

Who he is:

Let’s go back to 1973. A child was born into turbulent times for Native Americans. AIM (American Indian Movement) was engaged in open warfare with the US Gov’t, on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The FBI and CIA had all families related to AIM members under surveillance. Still, we Natives pow-wowed(community celebrations) like we have for thousands of years.

Unbeknown to us Natives, around the same time in the Boogie Down Bronx, another community celebration was taking place. Hip Hop. An exact parallel to Native American Pow Wows. Competition dancing in a huge circle, Musician battles, singer/MC battles… That child born to political opposition and ancestral jubilation was TR-One. Several Years later, this child would find Hip Hop and accept it as a natural extension of his traditional heritage. He’s spent years teaching hisself everything. Bombing, tagging, mixing, scratching, B-Boying, MC’ing. Ups and downs of having beats stolen by people, whose samplers he was forced to make beats on, since he couldn’t afford his own, to making do with just a simple 4-track audio editor on a computer, have all shaped his life and his music.

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