Immediate Family

The OFF THE TOP Family (of Radio Shows and Websites) brings together a collection of some of Hip Hop’s greatest minds.


Friday nights at 6:30:

Its been said that to know the future you must understand the past.  Each week join us as we celebrate that rich heritage.  Songs that were sampled for Hip Hop songs…  Songs that were re-performed for Hip Hop songs…  Songs and artists who inspired Hip Hop songs…  Those songs are what we celebrate each week on The Friday Flash.


Saturday nights starting at Midnight:

During the original OFF THE TOP Show Rev Curry brings you Hip Hop’s best music of all time.  He’s joined by Queen Nefertari to discuss the Question of the Week as well love, relationships, food and spirituality.  Plus Curry blesses you with the Curry Spyce (a track you need to know about), one of Curry’s Convos (an interview with someone you need to know about), a Sunday Sermon and Commentary From The Mouth of Mumia.


Sunday Mornings at 6:

Curry catches up with Tom Ross to discuss the Question of the Week, the events of the day and what is going on at one of America’s first radio stations, WGBB.  The program is OFF THE TOP Extra.


Through out the week:

We are always working hard to bring you the best in Hip Hop music and Kulture.  Some of the foundation of this site was poured by DJ TR1.  Check out his contributions to the Props section.  Submit a question for Queen Nefertari, spread love to someone, dedicate something to someone or just make a request via the OFF THE TOP Comment Line (206-309-9123).  Plus, if you find the late Saturday or early Sunday thing to be a… challenge…  Call the WGBB Two Way Talk Lines (631-888-88-11) and ask when next you can catch an encore of OFF THE TOP Extra or an edition of the OFF THE TOP Snipe Tape Series.

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