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The Rundown
Hip Hop Name: Curry Kid
Alias: DJ B Side
Discipline: Turntablism (Talking with his hands) & MCing (Oral Tradition)
Strengths: Making Peace
Weakness: Good Convos
Reps For: Strong Island
What olde skool record always puts a smile on your face? Jam on It – Newcleus



Who he is:


If you ask Curry what keeps him remotely sane when he is off the
air, he’ll say its one thing… It’s the knowledge that he will be
back on the air Saturday night.  He regards Hip Hop and Radio
as his dual passions and considers their combined power a force
to be reckonned with when used effectively. Since the early 90s he
has worked in various capacities in several radio formats. With all
that under his belt he is quick to say that many of his favorite
moments took place inside the walls of OFF THE TOP’s flagship station, WGBB.


Curry Kid may not have fully embraced Hip Hop until her Golden Years,
but he was born into the Kulture in 1985. In the days of “Walk This
Way” and “The Rappin’ Duke” he attended a talent show at his school. It
was then that the seeds were planted. Several of his contemporaries
took to the stage (boom box in hand) and celebrated Hip Hop’s B-Boy
element. To this day Curry warmly recalls walking the final leg of his
commute home that day. As his brother talked about anything but the
talent show, Curry was still glowing, geeked off that performance. Not
only did he fall in love with Hip Hop that day, but the performance
also permanently etched U.T.F.O.’s battle-of-the-sexes classic “Roxanne
Roxanne” in Curry’s all-time list of favorite songs. Two and a half decades later
he has assembled a group of radio professionals for his humble
contribution to the Kulture he loves. The contribution can be summed up
in three words. “OFF THE TOP.”


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