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The Rundown
Hip Hop Name: Dr. T
Alias: Radio Rat
Discipline: MCing (Oral Tradition) & Graf (The Written Word)
Strengths: Voluminous Vocabulary
Weakness: Caffeine
Reps For: South Shore (of Nassau County, LI)
What olde skool record always puts a smile on your face? Telestar-The Ventures

Who he is:

Planted firmly with roots in the upstate region of NY, Tom was born and bred on Long Island.  With degrees in Art and Journalism it wasn’t until he discovered radio that he started to find his groove. 1980 was the year that marked his professional debut.  However it was in the 70s that he fell in love with the medium listening to Jean Shepard (R.I.P).

In the time since, Tom has quietly become one of those people that you can not have worked in Strong Island radio for more than five years without having at least heard of his legend.  He had worked in numerous stations in various capacities before being promoted to the position of Program Director for WGBB in 2003.  Today he shares co-hosting duties of OFF THE TOP Radio Extra with Rev Curry.

Regarded by some as a walking encyclopedia, Tom spends his precious spare time absorbing knowledge.  His interests include, but are not limited to: history, film, Science Fiction, philosophy, aphorisms, anime, animation, a whole bunch of words that start with the letter ‘b,’  graphic art, popular music of the 50s and 60s, Jazz music and culture, writing his never-quite-finished novel, radio, radio, radio, he’s kinda fond of radio…  Oh and he has an affinity for medieval weaponry.

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